Battle-tested teams rooted in a strong maker culture

Digital products and services, built on experience in new business creation and candid collaboration. We have one goal: build stuff that makes money.

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Experience in new business creation

We learned the hard way what it takes to create winning digital businesses. This includes burning cash and killing companies that didn't work. From strategy and staffing to execution and scaling - we are experienced in crafting effective strategies, staffing high-velocity and cross-functional teams, and help them deliver their best work.

Candid collaboration

We work unconventionally. We challenge assumptions, conventions, and make decisions that are sometimes painful. That’s why our clients receive complete transparency of our iterative journey from day one to delivery.

High-velocity projects through autonomous, cross-functional, and compact teams

Our Process

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Explore Opportunities
Together, we identify and evaluate your playgrounds for promising innovation. We talk to customers to develop and pre-test 15-20 different ideas. 

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Build MVPs
We evaluate which ideas are most promising and design business model hypotheses around them. We get valid market feedback by developing initial prototypes.

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Build Products
We create an investment strategy with different cost/profit scenarios. We build the first product, launch it to the target market, and form a product organization. 

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Setup for Growth
We polish the business model, define a sales and operations strategy, and grow the team. Together we establish sales channels, stabilize the product, and set sails for growth.

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Scale Business
We create a profitability strategy and establish processes to build a sustainable business. 

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Manfred Tropper, CEO Mantro

Manfred Tropper, CEO mantro

"We are not here to boost billable hours through endless consulting. We want to create. That is why we tell you what you need to hear to make the right calls. We don't engage in wishful thinking but dare to kill if things are not working, even if it hurts. That’s what sets us apart."

Why work with us

We nurture Erfindergeist

We turn projects into product teams, where everyone identifies with the product. Teams are small, have an interdisciplinary skill range, and collaborate fast and goal-oriented like a founders team.

We are entrepreneurs

Everyone, really everyone at mantro has experienced entrepreneurship in the past and works 100% entrepreneurial. We aim to create products and services that make money.

We are brutally honest

Killing an unsuccessful product might be painful but keeping it alive on false premises is far more painful. We are brutally honest to avoid burning cash.

We build sustainable technologies

We map out your organization’s capabilities and architectures and integrate products, services, and systems that work seamlessly.

We are 100% self-owned

We are 100% founder-owned and form a long-lasting partnership with you, from the beginning until the product is successfully established in the market

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