Reev - building one of the first corporate EV charging infrastructures


The briefing

Help develop a corporate EV charging infrastructure for N-ERGIE Nürnberg starting with 150 charging points for their own network

The outcome

Development of an EV charging business model and technology infrastructure that administrate any EV charging infrastructure and serves client requirements in different use cases.

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In early 2019, widespread EV charging was something to be merely dreamt of. In fact, it still is. Back then, organizations were mostly relying on fossil-fuel cars for their corporate fleets and for valid reasons. One of them was the absence of an EV charging infrastructure that is both technically feasible with a multitude of vehicles and compatible with corporate requirements when it comes to processes, billing, and fleet management.

N-ERGIE Nürnberg, however, had the vision to build one of Europe's largest coporate fleet of electric vehicles and build a total of 150 charging points to start with. This move, would turn out to position N-ERGIE as a vanguard in the EV fleet space. After intensive market screening, however, N-ERGIE realised that no suitable, scaleable digital management solution for large-scale corporate charging infrastructures existed.

mantro was brought on board to help with the initial product idea. After initial briefing meetings we realized that N-ERGIE may not be the only company suffering from the poor product landscape and charging infrastructure.

“During initial strategic workshops we realised that our client's situation could be more than just a singled out problem. This gut feeling was corroborated in research: we realized that there’s promising potential to make the product a fully-fledged business model”

Dr. Matthias Kramer, Head of Digital Innovation @ mantro

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The product

We followed our gut feeling and conducted opportunity scoping workshops together with N-ERGIE. The fundamentals of the market were strong and the fundamentals of the product idea were even stronger. In the following weeks, the product and business model was designed according to the business requirements of N-ERGIE.

The final product now offers following features that were the direct result of our joint ideation and market research:

  • Software-only (installation of Reev software into existing infrastructures)
  • Software/hardware bundle (Reev provides the entire solution for new infrastructures)
  • Automated billing and payment solutions for both employees and customers
  • Simple easy to use dashboards for effortless fleet management
  • Custom charging pricing structures
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Our contribution

As a consequence to the aforementioned opportunity scoping workshops, we helped N-ERGIE to kick off the strategic shift from a mere internal product to a fully-fledged business model including a readily deployable and scalable technology infrastructure. To be able to deliver both software and hardware to future clients, a joint venture between N-ERGIE, ABL mobility, and mantro was formed. ABL mobility is a leading provider of hardware charging solutions for private households and corporate organizations.

We supported the joint venture with 10 full time employees (6 engineers, 1 product designer, 1 marketing expert, 1 UI/UX designer, 1 project manager) working on the project for more than 1.5 years. An initial technical proof of concept to assess feasibility took around 6-7 weeks and greenlit the further development of the entire system.

Since the course of action meant a strategic and cultural shift for N-ERGIE, we supported the change and stakeholder management process with senior experts who were familiar with managing social, political, and technological change inside larger organizations prior to the project.

On the technical side, we took over the development of the entire technology infrastructure: from front-end user interfaces, detailed security concepts, to scalable back-end infrastructures and the entire communication layer to power a large EV charging network.

The joint venture ended on a high note with mantro helping N-ERGIE and ABL mobility to staff, onboard, and train a highly-autonomous and highly-independent team that can drive further progress for Reev as part of N-ERGIE.

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