We believe in
the power  of not
being a*#holes

We are committed to be a workplace where people can do their job like professionals. No jumping through hoops. No forced cultures.

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Work from anywhere

We are as diverse as our life backgrounds. Work from home, come into the office, or both. You choose what works best for you.

Work with professionals

Work with people who are in it to drive progress. No false egos, no hidden agendas. We are committed to move products forward.

Work on progress

Spend your time at work building stuff that matters. We select projects that actually make sense and cut stuff that doesn’t.

Work to grow

Get paid well and work to live. To us, it’s incredibly important that we can handle both a fulfilling work and private life.

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Be you. Be well. Be together


We offer all employees different paths for professional growth for both compensation and skills.


We support personal projects of any kind to make sure you can broaden your horizon.


We support investments into your personal pension scheme.

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